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Long Range Critical Communication Devices

Safely communicate critical instructions to targeted people over distance, so you can establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations and save lives.

Unlike bullhorns, vehicle P.A. systems and conventional loudspeakers that disperse sound in all directions, LRAD’s proprietary audio technology focuses sound in a 30° beam in front of its Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs). This ensures that targeted individuals are able to hear and understand the communications while significantly reducing audio levels behind the devices and in surrounding areas.


LRAD’s 60°- 360° systems combine warning sirens and highly intelligible voice broadcasts to provide advanced mass notification and public address solutions. LRAD mass notification systems are also used to communicate to crowds during large, outdoor events and to populations throughout emergency situations.

LRAD Advantages

Offer the longest range and clearest communication

Provide the scalability, portability and availability needed to communicate in any situation

Overcome background noise in any terrain and environment

Offer simple operations with less manpower

Use much safer alternatives to non-lethal deterrents

Increase standoff distances

LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure. Our systems are safe, rugged, reliable, easy to operate and can be temporarily or permanently mounted. LRAD broadcasts are safely optimized to the primary human hearing range of 1 – 5 kHz to generate voice messages that are clearly heard and understood from close range out to 5,500 meters.

“The Global Leader in Long Range Voice Broadcast Systems”