About Us

About Us

Malkraine is an international technology group specializing in security and defense. Urbanization, demographic change, migration flows, globalization and the increasing frequency and intensity of conflicts and military disputes mean that efforts to improve security and defense are constantly increasing. With its two sectors, Malkraine fulfills these basic key needs of modern society.

Continuity, change and progress - Malkraine has been in constant motion since it was founded. Entrepreneurial activities have far-reaching effects. A company can enjoy long-term success only if it integrates coordinated economic, ecological and social factors into business activities and creates added value for itself, its employees and society. It is therefore a matter of course for Malkraine to do everything possible to contribute to the company being economically stable and ecologically responsible.

Malkraine stands for many years of experience and innovation in importing special purpose equipments and ground support equipments – including for the requirements of the navy and air force and for internal security. Whether it is for requirements specific to different branches of the armed forces or overall requirements, whether it is for external or internal security, the sector has a wide product portfolio of platforms and components, which are offered as individual and networked system solutions. This makes Malkraine a strong and reliable partner to the Malaysian armed forces, their allies and friendly armies, along with civil national security forces.

Our Objectives

Protection for soldiers on deployment

All services are geared towards ensuring the best possible protection for soldiers on deployment. Malkraine continuously sets new technological standards here: from vehicle, protection and weapon systems, through infantry equipment and air defense, to the networking of function sequences, electro-optics and simulation.

For every Mission

With decades of technical and economic experience in the defence industry, Malkraine is your partner of choice for all system services. Malkraine offers a wide range of solutions for every possible situation. Together with the customer a tailor-made service concept is designed – to meet your needs and requirements.

Reliable in every mission

Service made by Malkraine means extensive support, efficient handling and tailor-made solutions for your vehicle systems. Whether repair or maintenance, single order or life cycle support, Malkraine offers the optimum solution for your vehicle systems.

Protection of people and equipment

Malkraine specializes in the development and production of components and systems for protecting people, vehicles, aircraft, ships and assets. Its role as an equipment supplier to the Malaysian armed forces and protect them involved in military operations.