Ross 2000 Streak Camera


Ross 2000 Streak Camera

Similar to the ROSS 1000, the ROSS 2000 is ideal for multi-user facilities requiring an easy-to-operate streak camera with interchangable timing boards.

The 2000-series offers a large photocathode, measuring 18 x 3 mm, ideal for increased bandwidth when coupling to spectrometers. The system features a single-stage image intensifier with adjustable gain as well as gating functionality and up to 2 timing reference ports.

Applications & Benefits

Laser Induced Discharge- The ROSS 2000 employs a gated photocathode that provides fast shuttering to eliminate undesired light from being exposed to the system. This guarantees that only the intended portions of the event are being captured and analyzed. For longer time analysis, the large 2000 sweep area preserves enough of an experimental window to be sure not to miss any data, whilst also maintaing ps resolution and a large number of resolveable elements per image acquired. The gated photocathode also acts as a safety device: the photocathode is off when not used thus protecting the system from inadvertent pulses.

Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector (VISAR) – The Ross 2000 is well matched with VISAR experimental requirements. The large active area allows a number of fringes to be imaged on the sample, whilst also offering more resolvanle elements in the time axis per sweep. The high quality and clear imaging performance ensure interformatric fringes can be resolved easily and fringe movements/shifts easily processed and quantified ias velocity

Streaked Spectroscopy and Pyrometry – These may require large FOV to achieve excellent resolution over a broader spectrum. Either way, the usable area defines the spectral resolution capability. The single photon sensitive design (without an MCP) maintains the spectral/spatial uniforimity. In the time domain, the large 2000 tube provides a longer sweep allowing a larger window to see shift of spectrum or pyrometry effects over a longer period. Sydor mates a Spectrometer Interface Module providing light tight and easily adjusted alignment to the spectrometer. The ROSS software controls and calibrates the spectrometer concurrent with the streak camera.

Streaked Shadography – The ROSS 2000 systems pair well with all forms of streaked imaging and shadography. The flexibility of the system incorporating an intensifier, allows users to tune the gain to match the contrast required in the image.

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